Inside Dallas Real Estate News: Stealth Sales All in the Cowboys Family??

Published June 2, 2011 by Candy Evans

So this is not confirmed, but here’s what I think has been going on. Jerry (Jerral) Jones Jr. and Lori Lemon own 4301 Beverly Drive, a gorgeous 6906 square footer built in 1998, highly customized by the first owner, Jimmy Bishop, and once owned by Kim Schlegel. Well, that house is now plumb empty and not on the market.  I have heard that is because Jerry has purchased 4236 Bordeaux, that stunning masterpiece by builder Jeffry Gilbert that Erin Mathews has had listed since about March 22, 2010. That home — oh I have written about it many times, and been in there, it is just perfection — is 14,170 square feet ( 6 bedrooms! 8 full baths! 4 half baths! 4 stories!) and was originally priced at $13, 450,000. Last listing price was — are you ready? — $8,975,000 and you KNOW there was some negotiating. So Jerry et al is, I think, moving on up to Bordeaux — his Beverly home is appraised by DCAD at $2,976,000. Boy oh boy I hope he doesn’t get a heart attack when he gets his new tax statement on Bordeaux, on the rolls at $6,746,777: $132,124 and two cents. In the trade, builder Jeff gets 4301 Beverly.