Swiss Avenue Now a Popular Vacation Destination? Dallas Real Estate Rental News

Published September 23, 2011 by Candy Evans

I told you vacation homeowers are raking it in. Well, now it seems regular homeowners are not doing too shabby, either. One of my alert readers alerted me to this interesting vacation home posting on a red-brick Swiss Avenue mansion. It leases for $2,000 to $3,000 per night, or $18,000 a week. (Wowzers!) Five bedrooms, six baths, sleeps 12. Prairie style built in 1913,  one of the largest Prairie Style homes in the Southwest (according to the listing). Beautifully preserved original features, the house has state-of-the-art updates, including 2 fully-equipped media rooms, a tennis court, deluxe grill, 30 ft meat smoker/chiminea — I am sure renters are going to jump right in and smoke meat. There is a rear parking lot, and 3-car garage. We all know how close Swiss Avenue is to everything … they are advertising this as “walking distance to the Lower Greenville nightlife.”

Honestly, not sure I’d walk nor encourage it unless your are packing. But this statement is a fact: 

“Swiss Avenue is one of the most scenic walking paths in Dallas, featuring beautiful, historic homes from the early 1900′s.”

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