Hot Properties: Bobby Dhillon

Published September 28, 2011 by Candy Evans

I’m not talking about what they sell, I am talking about who they are — the hottest real estate agents in Dallas. The real “hot properties”.

Consumers have asked me for years: who are the best real estate agents in town? Hard to answer because we are blessed with so many. The only way to find your chemistry is to get to know them. Forget those dubious surveys out there who ask God knows who God knows what. 

To help you, I’m going to be totally shallow and just flat out pick top agents like we do our properties — for how they look! Then we’ll look at how much they produce.

Today: Bobby Dhillon, of, who is single-handedly kicking butt over at The House

CD: So I looked up your stats. You are kicking butt in Uptown, Area 17. From July 1, 2011 to 9/13/2011 you sold 3!

BD: I’ve sold 9 since May, 2011.

CD: Jeeze Louise! How many House units left to sell?

BD: The House is now close to 25% occupancy.

CD: That’s up from…

BD: Less than 10% when I got here…

CD: Whose buying?

BD: Empty nesters, young business folks, lots of physicians because we have access to so many hospitals, hedge fund guys, and believe or not… families — we have several families here! They are moving here from Park Cities, Preston Hollow and North Dallas

CD: I saw the kids downstairs in the lobby and it blew my mind! They do private school! You were last in Atlanta, where Al Hill III just moved. What brought you back?

BD: I pre-sold the Ritz (Phase 1 and 2).  I was called by a developer in Atlanta to get a Mandarin Oriental Residences going and assisted in a Rosewood property along with several other high rise buildings that John Williams (founder of Post Properties) asked me to attend to.  John Sughrue, a close friend,  convinced me to come back to Dallas to run sales at Museum Tower.  As we waited for financing on the building, I was asked by Hillwood to help make a difference at The House in Victory Park.  I am committed to seeing The House continue to succeed and flourish.

CD: How are you getting these units sold when they are perceived as — wrongly, I may add –  Hillwood’s step children?

BD: The single most important thing for me to get through is confidence in the building, lifestyle and surrounding neighborhood.  You can see for yourself — there are people here today looking, interested, buying.

CD: How are you instilling that confidence?

BD: Cousins Properties (asset managers) along with the Victory Park Owners are fully committed to making Victory a master-planned community. They want the community to work together harmoniously to take it from being a local destination to a national destination with a true pedestrian lifestyle. They are looking for partners for the long haul.  They want it to all tie together, and it is.   With the additon of restaurants like Neo’s Pizza, the eateries now range from Italian, Thai, Japanese, Morrocan, Mexican, etc.  In fact, Hard Rock Cafe’ serves The House pool deck as well as does our room service.  Other new additions include the The Fan (105.3) and Cumulus!  

CD: But we have way more condos in Dallas still, yes?

BD: That’s the market perception, but its not true! There are 250 new condos in Dallas for a total market of $6 million, that’s it. And folks are moving here from everywhere -  Dallas is an international city. We get buyers from South America, Mexico, Europe. Our prices are very competitive and with the Phillipe Starck brand, the value resonates beyond just Dallas.

CD: How is your foot traffic?

BD: Suprisingly well. I attribute it to word spreading that sales are taking place and confidence to purchase has increased.  People are still buying in Dallas and real estate seems to be a great alternative to the stock market these days.   

CD: So where do you live?

BD: Off Oak Lawn on the edge of Highland Park.

CD: Where did you grow up?

BD: Born in Indiana, raised in South Carolina and went to The Citadel, Military College of South Carolina.

CD: Wow, the Citadel! What kind of car do you drive?

BD: Lexus GS350 and Mercedes GL450

CD: What is your fantasy car?

BD: The Audi R8

CD: Fantasy second home?

BD:  Carmel, CA

CD: I’m with you there! How is selling in Dallas different than Atlanta?

BD: Selling is similar, but environment is very different.  Dallas is not saturated with similar product, although we think we are.  Not nearly as much supply.  The Atlanta economy is struggling in comparison, and the developers over built in the main areas (Buckhead, Midtown and Downtown).  With Musem Tower in the works, that will be the last condo building. With urban growth and the continued influx of residents, supply will diminish fairly quickly.  Dallas is in good shape. 

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