Here’s a Chance to Redo The Most Important Selling Room in the House, the Kitchen, for FREE

Published September 30, 2011 by Candy Evans


When it comes to selling your home, experts agree hands down the kitchen is the most important home in the house! If you have limited funds and must choose your upgrade areas, a decision that can make you feel like choosing which kid you love best, sink that money in the kitchen first, master bath second.

But what if you could get your kitchen made over for FREE??? Entirely possible.

On October 1, the folks at Snappy Kitchens up in Carrollton are kicking off a contest that ends with three lucky winners, one of whom will receive a complete kitchen makeover, FREE. “The Neediest Kitchens” contest lasts three months, and one lucky ducky winner will be selected each month. Here’s how they are breaking it down to as to not break the bank: the October winner gets new hardware and faucets, the November winner gets a new countertop and sink, and the December winner gets a new backsplash. Then one of those lucky people who’s Fairy Godmaother is watching will be chosen for the whole shebang total kitchen redo. If you live in the Dallas area and you think your kitchen qualifies, submit photos STAT to Snappy Kitchens’ Facebook page. The winner will be determined by crowd-sourcing, or popular vote, and the first winner will be selected on Halloween, October 31. 

Just to show you that kitchen miracles DO happen:

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