Oh Will This Man Will Be Churning Up the Dirt in Dallas Real Estate: Meet Hot Property Richard Graziano, Newest Team Member at Mathews Nichols Group

Published October 5, 2011 by Candy Evans

Richard Graziano will literally sell Dallas to Houston! Full disclosure: I have known Richard for years, as a powerhouse sales account manager at D Magazine, then at Paper City. I have long known that he loved homes and real estate as much as I do, and I think a part of me always knew this would happen as we pariahs huddled together at D talking real estate for hours.  And it did. Last week, Richard joined the Mathews Nichols Group at Allie Beth Allman, that little boutique within a boutique named by the Wall Street Journal as the number 13 sales team in the country, 2010 prodcution. He is going to do so well selling Dallas dirt, I can hardly wait to write about all his juicy sales! Meet Richard:

CD: What do you love most about real estate?

RG: I love homes, I love Dallas, and I love interior design. But, helping someone find that perfect spot to live their life is a pretty special thing.

CD: When did you first become obsessed with homes?

RG: When I was school-aged, I loved going through model homes, looking at floor plans, and studying the price sheets.

CD: How many homes have you owned?

RG: 3 homes, all in East Dallas.

CD: My eyes in East Dallas! What’s the most stressful part of negotiations?

RG: I think deciding exactly what your comfortable number is- whether it’s what you will pay for a property or what you will sell your property for can be a challenge. But once you have that number, you will be confident in all negotiations.

CD: Your worst real estate nightmare?

RG: Hopefully my clients will never have real estate nightmares!

CD: Where do you live in Dallas?

RG: I live in East Dallas near White Rock on a private little cul-de-sac that backs to a creek. It is by far my favorite home to date, and I plan on being there a long time.

CD: What kind of car do you drive?

RG: Mercedes-Benz E-Class

CD: Price no object, what is your fantasy second home?

RG: Growing up, my grandparents lived in Connecticut and I would spend every summer with them. I would love to have a home with weathered grey wood siding, in a small town along the Connecticut shore, with tons of big trees.

CD: What’s your fantasy car?

RG: I am a huge Mercedes fan and plan on always driving one. I think I wouldn’t mind driving clients around in an S65.

CD: What’s the best thing about moving to Dallas, like, what do you tell clients who are unsure of moving here?

RG: Dallas is truly a special city. We have a reasonable cost of living, strong economy, and are centrally located to be able to easily travel to both coasts. There are so many fantastic neighborhoods and home styles offered- plus Dallas is unmatched in shopping and dining. But I think by far the best thing about Dallas is the people. Smart, stylish, friendly, and not scared to have some fun.

— Daily Local Real Estate Dish By Dallas Real Estate Insider — Candy Evans at CandysDirt.com