Hot Property: Ilona Clark is From Russia, With Love — Dallas Real Estate News

Published October 7, 2011 by Candy Evans

I get really concerned about immigration when I meet these beautiful Russian women like Ilona Clark, with DLP Realtors, David Pannell. She just got her license in July, and she’s already taking Frisco real estate by storm. The former Russian model — she modeled for several Moscow fashion houses — was educated at the Eurasian Institute of Marketing. And folks, beware: this is a gal who has sold dirt in the Middle East. Talk about a scud missile!


CD: Where are you selling?

IC: Frisco and Little Elm

CD: What price range?

IC: $200k to $600K

CD: When did you come to the U.S.?

I.C. Last year. I was born in Orel, Russia near Moscow

CD: Married?

IC: Yes, to Brad Clark. We met online.

CD: He works for Homeland Security?

IC: Yes and has 3 children! Isn’t he adorable?

CD: Where else have you sold real estate?

IC: I sold homes in DuBai for a year or so when I lived there.

CD: How’s the DuBai market?

IC: It’s very good market. I sold homes of $700,000, a very minimal home, to $1.5 million. Nothing like what we have here. There is no credit you just buy with cash. No financing. If you don’t have money, you don’t buy a house!

CD: Where would you buy your dream second home?

IC: Cannes.

CD: Where do you live?

IC: Little Elm but moving soon to Carrollton

CD: Why Carrollton?

IC: So I can be closer to Dallas to go to all my parties!

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