What If the Occupy Dallas (or Wall Street) Movement Targeted Homes of Dallas Billionaires?

Published October 13, 2011 by Candy Evans

The growing anti-extreme wealth or, specifically, anti-corporate greed movement Occupy Wall Street today targeted the homes of New York City’s wealthiest with about 500 protesters converging on Manhattan’s toney Upper East Side, marching past the homes of JP Morgan’s Jamie Dimon, hedge fund manager John Paulson, media mogul Rupert Murdoch and David Koch, co-founder (or inherited) energy firm Koch Industries. The movement is spreading to college campuses and other cities, including Occupy Dallas which has about 100 people plus tents set up in Pioneer Plaza. I got to thinking today, what if Occupy Dallas decided to take a march down Park Lane in Old Preston Hollow and then move on up to Strait Lane? The New York City protesters at least have all the titans gathered in one place!

In Dallas, I guess, they’d start with Tom Hicks, who owns the most expensive home in Dallas at 32,966 square feet valued just under $40 million. That would be the 9 acre Crespi Estate off Walnut Hill Lane.



Next would be the 25,000 plus square foot Highland Park home of billionaire banker Gerald Ford. Of course, some protesters might get confused and think this was the home of the late former President Gerald Ford, which still confuses many people. This Ford sold Golden State Bancorp in 2002 to Citigroup for 6 billion. Ford also has his hand in sporting events as the SMU’s football stadium is named after him and he owns Diamond A Racing, a horse racing team. This home’s luxuries include a deck, pool, servant’s quarters, a basement, cabana, and a porte cochere.


Next up is the gorgeous Highland Park home of Lyn and John Muse, who are really some of the most wonderful people in the world and if you ask me, this is the most beautiful home in Dallas.


Then would come the home of oil pipeline magnate Kelcy Warren, who bought Joyce and Larry Lacerte’s home over on Park Lane, requiring a good 5 to 7 mile march up to Preston Hollow. (The Warren spread in beneathe the exterior shot.)


Then the march would return to Highland Park, to settle down the street from the Muse mansion to the breathtaking home of Harlan Crow and it’s famous library. Note to Occupy Dallas. The Crows did not make a penny on Wall Street, it was all made through real estate.

Then we trek way back north over to Strait Lane — this is getting exhausting, actually, and I am seeing many Slurpee pit stops – to the relatively modest home of H. Ross Perot, which is only just over 8,000 square feet but situated on mega acres. Be careful up there: H. Ross has his own slew of security and I would not harm a single blade of grass.

Do we have to march at another home? This is getting old, and my feet are starting to hurt.  Now we are heading back to Highland Park and the 19,000 square foot home of Ed Cox, namesake of the SMU Business School. Hey, you cannot protest at the home of someone so generous to SMU even if his home is almost 20,000 square feet.


Good Lord. It’s back up to Preston Hollow, north of the Warren house to the old Ling estate now owned by Gene and Roxanne Phillips. I swear, this protesting is getting old. This is the Phillips spread:


Now at least we do not have to trek back down to Highland Park or all the second homes owned by Dallas billionaires at downtown condos. Mark Cuban’s home is just down the street. But again, be extra nice here: I don’t think much of Cuban’s money was made on Wall Street.

OK, that’s enough protesting for one day. Tell you this: the Occupy Dallas folks are going to be in way better shape than their brethren up at Occupy Wall Street.

— Daily Local Real Estate Dish By Dallas Real Estate Insider — Candy Evans at CandysDirt.com