Time for a Tums: Seeking The Worst Room In Dallas Real Estate, Home or Hotel…

Published October 19, 2011 by Candy Evans


This contender for Curbed’s “the Worst Room of 2011″ inspired me to seek the worst here in Dallas. Thankfully, this room, which is really pretty Gawd awful, is in The Woodlands. Many miles from Dallas. In a 9,1000 square foot home listed for like $1.4 millon. Please note that the Realtor says: “no expense was spared.” Oh, we can tell that, alright.

This makes me want to talk about decorating your home “Texas style”. I know we are in Texas, but don’t you think you should decorate only your ranch “Texas style”, or your second home in the Hill Country? Just because we live in Texas does everything we own have to be antlers, rough hewn boards and black nickel knobs? Or should we decorate homes indigenously simply because, well, we live in Texas and everyone builds with Granbury stone and metal roofs. I mean, is it bad to build a truly French home here because this isn’t France? No more of my beloved six columned white porch colonials because this is not Atlanta?

The nice thing about this room? I cannot think of one single thing. Here’s the rest of the house, might want to take a Tums first. As for that bedroom, with those red walls, who could sleep? I would keep thinking I’ve died and gone to hell…

Even God would get dizzy here

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