More On The Ellen Terry/Dave Perry-Miller Merger: One Real Estate Office Was Rocking on Luther Lane This Morning

Published October 25, 2011 by Candy Evans

First of all, a mea culpa. I messed up big time when I released the OFFICIAL Ebby Halliday press release three hours early this morning due to technical difficulties in setting posts. I did NOT mess up when I wrote my story yesterday (part of it while at the Cowboy’s game!) and presented it to my readers Sunday night. As bloggers, we are supposed to be on top of information, like 24/7, and I strongly feel that, unless illegal or it’s going to get someone sued, hurt or killed, getting that information to my readers rapidly is Job One. This is the internet/Twitter era, not Thomas Edison. I waited to release MY KNOWLEDGE of the information on a Sunday night when I thought most peeps would be talking about football and baseball, when I knew an email had been sent out to all ET and DPM agents about the meeting. The official press release from Ebby was under embargo until 9:00 am, and I had every intention of abiding by that — unfortunately, my computer didn’t.

But then I went to the 9 a.m. meeting this morning at Ellen Terry and honestly, I thought we were having an earthquake in Dallas! The power was unreal. Two luxury real estate competitors have MERGED into one powerhouse. I did not know that both Dave and Bud Bush, DPM’s office manager, had worked together and been trained by Ellen Terry.

“This is my proudest moment,” said Dave. “With the two of us at the helm, we will be unstoppable!”

Ellen was super excited as well, and in fact I overheard the two making lunch plans for Bistro 31.

“Both companies have parallel cultures,” she said. “And besides, I trained y’all!”

But really, the power was in the audience. I have never felt such energy reverberating and afterwards, here are snippets of what individual agents said:

-My clients actually called me yesterday and told me about it, they are so excited!

-How could they call a meeting for both offices and think we’d not know something? We all knew and it’s going to be great!

-Why did we not do this like years ago?

Details are still being worked out under the direction of Bud Bush and Ellen’s PRECIOUS office manager, Lee G. Thomas, who I cannot wait to get to know better! DPM signs are ordered and will replaced ET signs within three weeks, but already the sharing and synergy is unreal. In fact, several agents say they want both office meetings to be combined, always and forever.

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