The Dirt on Museum Tower: Is It True Some One Has Already Bought Up An Entire Floor?

Published October 28, 2011 by Candy Evans

Wednesday night was wild. I hosted a party at the Palomar Residences for Costa Baja, a beautiful second home community in La Paz, Mexico on Baja, 1.5 hours north of Cabo. Then I ran off to another party I was hosting, Rockitecture, supporting the Dallas Center for Architecture. DCA is one of the nation’s first centers devoted to uniting architects and promoting good design, community sustainability and other key living-environment issues for today and tomorrow. To put it bluntly: these are the peeps who create the House Porn I need and love to write about. The Dallas Center for Architecture is located at 1909 Woodall Rodgers Freeway. Open weekdays to visitors, it delivers an exciting array of architecture-rich exhibits, learning opportunities and special events.

At one of those two events — cannot recall which one — I got some scuttlebutt on Museum Tower. It was not from Steven Sandborg, who was at Rockitecture and is handling MT sales and marketing, though I snagged a date with him to get more dirt. Guess it was from someone at the Costa Baja party. Here’s what I heard: MT does not plan to market the project until it is nearly complete. Though it was premature to start building during a recession, when they did start building, they made the decision to do so because of the considerable costs savings in labor and materials. With so few builders building, you can great deals out of your subs, etc. Materials, with the exception of copper, are also cheaper right now. The developers felt the construction cost savings would be so significant it was worth building during the recession, postponing marketing and sales until we pull out of this downturn. (Soon, fingers crossed.) Of course, if anyone wants to march in and buy a whole floor of Museum Tower at asking price, I am dead sure the developers will take that deposit in a New York minute.

Which is the other rumor I am tracking down: word is that a group of wealthy Chinese have snapped up a whole floor of Museum Tower. Stay tuned as I sift through that one.

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