Allie Beth & Pierce Allman Honored as Jubilee History Makers

Published November 9, 2011 by Candy Evans

Not only do they have the coolest listings like Mt. Vernon and count a former president among their clients, but Allie Beth and Pirece Allman are unstoppable good citizens who consistently contribute time, resources and talents to our burgeoning city. Yesterday, Allie Beth and Pierce received the Jubilee History Maker award from the Dallas Historical Society Awards for Excellence in Community Service for efforts ranging from  the renovation of Lee Park’s Arlington Hall on Turtle Creek, to distributing 1.5 million pounds of food in three years via the S.M. Wright Foundation.

Allie Beth herself never stops, whether it’s a listing or a board meeting. She has served on the TCU Board of Trustees, the Center for Brain Health Advisory Board, and the executive committee of the M.D. Anderson Cancer Center Dallas Council. Her darling husband Pierce, who has a background in radio and media, was one of the founders of La Fiesta de Las Seis Banderas. That melodic voice is also the narrator for the Sixth Floor Museum.

“I’m from back east. I was born in Little Rock, Arkansas,” he said. “But as soon as the family learned to read, we moved to Texas.”

Pierce also evoked a quote I’m hearing more of lately, which takes gentle swipes at our U.S. government and policies that are stopping up the real estate market: “Just remember, the ark was built by volunteers,” he said. “Professionals built the Titanic.”

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