We Need This in Dallas Toote Suite: A Down Payment Bridal Registry for a New Home

Published November 29, 2011 by Candy Evans

If this is NOT available in Dallas, it should be, tomorrow! A Maryland-based home builder has started what I think is brilliant: a down payment bridal registry for engaged couples. Bozzuto Homes will not just track it, but will match whatever funds you have received after your wedding day towards the purchase of a new Bozzuto home. We were just talking about wedding gifts this weekend with my newly-engaged son and his fiancee.  When my daughter was engaged, I came up with the idea of a bridal registry for home appliances that I have discussed with our good friends over at Capital Distributing. Cassie and Jake were remodeling a home, and they needed appliances, tile and wood flooring more than pillows. Couples these days often work for years before they get hitched, and they acquire mixmasters, blenders, tabletops and linens. Why not offer gifts to a home remodeling fund for, say, appliances, or even a new home downpayment, like the one Bozzuto is offering?

I love this idea! So will Tres and Erika: they live in California where starter bungalows START at half a million. A down payment registry there might have to be a Hedge Fund!

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