Terrell Owens Is Heavily Invested in Real Estate. My Advice: Shed Atlanta, Keep Dallas

Published December 1, 2011 by Candy Evans

This may explain why he’s opting for a short sale on the Azure penthouse: TO owns a whole lot of Real Estate. In fact, he collects homes like diamond earring studs. He maintains a “monster crib” in Lithonia, outside of Atlanta, according to my good friends at Zillow.  The home was featured on MTV Cribs and in other celebrity real estate listings. Yeah, good luck selling that one, Atlanta’s market is in the toilet! Remember Stone Philips? Where is he? He interviewed Owens there in 2004, and talked TO into a game in the property’s gleaming gym.

TO owns A LOT of real estate. He finally shed the Moorestown, NJ manse he picked up during his days with the Philadelphia Eagles. Zillow says that while in Buffalo playing for the Bills, he tried to be conservative and simply rent a home for the 2009 season. But the owner of the Orchard Park, NY home refused to have him as a tenant. No wonder he’s had to purchase all these homes when landlords are so darn picky about renters!

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