This Khloe-Lamar Deal Brings Up the Rental Rep Issue: Do Real Estate Agents Like to Handle Rental Transactions?

Published December 22, 2011 by Candy Evans

Update: I’ve just learned from a Hollywood producer that the reason Khloe & Company took their time interviewing and selecting Dallas real estate agents was that they wanted the right personality for the show! That’s right, everything they do is TV drama and their agent had to “present well when they were taping him”. That would be Rogers Healy. They already have pieces and parts for two episodes in the can with Rogers as their agent. Hooray for Hollywood…

This article in the Dallas Business Journal (subscription recquired)  is about Realtors fighting for the Kardashian-Odom business. We have all these different Realtors, as I have told you, falling over each other to show them homes. We have media jumping the gun on the agent and, maybe, the condo. As of 11:00 pm last night Rogers Healy told me no lease signed yet. Khloe’s fawning over a cute Gingerbread house her mom sent over to the Crescent. I was talking with Jane McGarry tonight before our real estate segment about how most agents usually shun leases. Why? Because they don’t produce the commissions sales do. The commission on a lease is usually the first month’s rent. So if, for example, Allie Beth Allman leased Mack Hick’s unit to Khloe and Lamar, she’d probably pocket $7500 (less broker fees). Sell a $2 million listing, net 3% of that or $60,000. Which would you rather take home? This is why California Realtors, for example, almost never handle leases. Word last couple years was that more agents are taking on leases to stay alive, what with the market so tight and so many more people leasing. Now we all know that handling a celebrity lease is well worth the effort regardless of the commission, but this got me to thinking: are you Realtors taking on more leases? Do you like them? Is it worth it? Do you handle your own leases or refer them out to lease specialists. Inquiring Minds want to know!

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