Jodie Fisher: The Texas Real Estate Gal Who Dared to Say No to Mark Hurd, Whose Got a Million in His Bank, BTW

Published January 3, 2012 by Candy Evans

Playboy photographs

Remember Jodie Fisher? She’s the former salesperson and actress who cost former Hewlett-Packard CEO Mark Hurd his job, really, when she accused him of trying to initiate an affair over a two-year period. Ms. Fisher was Born in Brownwood, Texas, 7/17/60; went to Texas Tech; her dad was in oil and gas production. I have heard she also worked in commercial real estate in Dallas, briefly, though I could never figure out exactly where.

In 1980, Fisher posed in Playboy’s Girls of the Southwest Conference, shot by David Chan, which led to a “modeling career” that probably made for an interesting discussion with Fisher’s  son: “Mommy made some bad choices once upon a time. She tried to make a living flaunting her body. Sure beat standing on my feet at Foleys selling rags.”

Hey, we were all young once, right?

Well, today there’s something Fisher can be proud of: she’s the girl who said no to Mark Hurd. Who has, by the way, a million dollars in the bank — are you impressed? Last week a Delaware court decided to release the 8-page letter sent to Hurd by Fisher’s attorney, the famous Gloria Allred, detailing two years of his basically trying to get into her you- know-whats. Hurds’ attorney, a female, had this to say:

“We requested the court keep the letter confidential because, as Ms. Fisher has acknowledged, it is filled with inaccuracies. The truth is, there never was any sexual harassment, which HP’s investigation confirmed, and there never was any sexual relationship, which Ms. Fisher has confirmed,” Amy Wintersheimer said.

The letter makes some good reading. At one point Hurd, whose ego must be at least as large as his bank account, told Fisher about how many women were crazy about him, including Sheryl Crow. He “accidentally” touched Fisher’s boobs, and asked her to sleep with him, says Allred. Hurd also spilled the beans on HP’s attempt to buy Dallas-based EDS during a meeting in Madrid in 2008. Hurd allegedly detailed HP’s then-confidential, insider plan to acquire EDS for $13.9 billion. This was when Hurd walked Fisher over to a bank ATM in Madrid and showed off his million-dollar bank balance prowess.

Last I heard, Fisher was living in New Jersey, working with her mother, Polly McDonald, for a an employee placement firm called TeleSearch, which Polly founded, that claims zero tolerance for any sexual harassment. Fisher won an undisclosed settlement from Hurd, married and a father of two daughters, who was then taken in by Oracle Corporation where he is now president. Neither Hurd nor Fisher have admitted to having sex. When I contacted Gloria Allred’s office seeking more info on her Dallas working days, this is what she told me:

“Ms. Fisher has no plans to comment further about this matter, nor can I provide additional information about her.”

Last year, the Wall Street Journal reported that HP employees from the Dallas EDS arm called Brownwood, Texas-born Fisher a hero! They didn’t like Hurd’s cost-cutting policies as he lined his own expense bank account. One former EDS employee was glad to see Hurd spend his bonus bucks on attorney’s fees and hoped the settlement was hefty:

 “God he deserved it. The way we (EDS ) employees were treated after the merger, was just terrible. HP made their numbers basically through the EDS division and we got rewarded with a 20% pay cut. Mark also took a pay cut on his base salary – note base salary not on his bonuses! I am glad that he will be using his bonus money to pay his lawyers.”

And from Allred’s letter, Jodie Fisher sounds like a gal who has her head screwed on pretty darn straight. Many women might have easily been sucked in to the thrill of sleeping with a powerful, wealthy man. But Jodie Fisher said no.

Which is why I am dying to know what she did in Dallas commercial real estate!

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