Friday Five Hundred: Great Bones In This Windsor Park Angel In The Rough

Published January 7, 2012 by Candy Evans

This home at 7116 Desco Drive is not for the faint of heart. If remodeling raises your blood pressure, this house is not for you. But there is a very strong classicist in me and this house just grabbed those Ivy League/Antebellum stirrings and clung on like a dang horny vampire! She needs work, oh does she need work. But this is a house I would totally buy, tear apart and redo. As someone told me about it, the bones are not just great, they are AWESOME.

First of all the entrance is elegant and stately. I visualize guests — even the postman – coming to this door quite impressed. Plus I have always, always wanted a home with white columns. My very first boyfriend had a beautiful, two story white brick colonial with beautiful columns in Barrington Hills, Ill. White columns are my Gatsby-esque green light, my “Rosebud”. The location is awesome, Windsor Park off Park Lane and Boedecker. The lot is almost half an acre — jeeze, the more I write the more I think I might go buy this home. ($115 friggin dollars a square foot!) Built in 1970 — that’s no shocker. This house doesn’t just scream 1970, it projectile vomits it. All that shiny wood veneer paneling and white Corian kitchens/baths, I think the kitchen even has butcher block counter tops. Perhaps you could donate to a museum?

But you get such a fabulous lay-out, and yard space. Lots to chuck: the enclosed patio garden room, ceilings, all the white panels EVERYWHERE. Ditch those trellis wood overhangs outside, please. You have 4649 square feet, a huge dining room (steal some space for kitchen) four bedrooms three and a half baths. Go look at this house and put your thinking cap on! Best of all, though it was built in 1970, it has high ceilings. 

This home could be a real showplace. I’m thinking that will take $400K. What do you think? 

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