Thursday Three Hundred: Sizzling, Sexy Style in Glen Cove Lifts You Out of the Usual Ranch Experience

Published January 12, 2012 by Candy Evans

Oh now this is one reason why ranches are coming back in vogue. This home just west of the Disney Streets in North Dallas will get her claws on you and never let go. 3918 Royal Pams Drive, pretty street name. Remodeled by Baxter Anderson Construction, it is probably at the top of the finish-out spectrum for the location at $334,890. What was once a plain Jane, four bedroom/three bath typical north Dallas ranch built in 1961, is now a showplace. This gal had floor to ceiling (every room) work, and we are talking the big-time lift. Every single bath is new, and the remodeler put in a new study, game room, & airy, open kitchen.

Best part of all: the one thing you cannot change about this home is location, nor would you want it. It’s located on one of the best kept streets that is actually a cul de sac, exactly what George and Laura have over there on Daria Drive.



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