House Squatters Might Be Good for Dallas Real Estate Values: Flower Mound Now Known Nationally as a Ritzy Dallas Suburb

Published February 8, 2012 by Candy Evans

Hey Kenneth Robinson, the folks of Flower Mound might soon be shining your boots. The more this story gets around — the story of the man who tried to get a home by adverse possession for $16, the better Flower Mound sounds: the latest description I’ve heard is “ritzy”. Now Flower Mound is a great little community out there near Argyle, Barton and and Lewsiville, but I have never heard it described as “ritzy”. Have you? All of which has me thinking: maybe home squatters are good for property values? They not only keep up vacant ghost homes and provide good ju ju, they give an erstwhile quiet community pizzazz.

Which reminds me: I want to find a beach home that is vacant and in-between foreclosures where I can squat for a few weeks.  If Robinson could get six months, how much do you want to bet I can get six days?

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