Old (I’m Yawning) Dallas Real Estate News: Terrell Owens Has Two Dallas Condos On the Foreclosure List

Published February 28, 2012 by Candy Evans

Once he was the highest paid wide-receiver in the NFL, but now Terrell Owens is facing foreclosure on two Dallas condominiums less than three miles apart. His luxurious, 3559 square foot Azure condo with six parking garages sold at a short sale last November for about $1.4, if you will recall, or at least that’s where I called it.  Looks like a couple named Monsour bought in in early December, and the unit, which T.O. once was asking $2.25 for, is now on the books at $1.425 million. (Dang I’m good!) According to data posted on RealtyTrac, the condos will go to foreclosure March 6 and are probably on Roddy’s. Owens is delinquent on a $360,000 loan serviced by JPMorgan Chase for a condo unit #307, only 881 square feet and on the books for $286,000. Guess that was for his bodyguard or Baby Mama. Honestly, if he owes more than it’s worth, he’s underwater and may be smart to walk. He actually owns TWO condominiums on Commerce Street, 3701 and 3715, but only 3701 will join the Azure at the foreclosure auction. Records show that Owens is delinquent on a $295,920 mortgage serviced by Deutsche Bank for that property. Ouch, maybe: at least that 2223 square foot unit is on the books at $355,000.

T.O. collected homes like diamond earring studs. He maintains a “monster crib” in Lithonia, outside of Atlanta, according to my good friends at Zillow. The home was featured on MTV Cribs and in other celebrity real estate listings. Yeah, good luck selling that one, Atlanta’s market is in the toilet! Remember Stone Philips? He interviewed Owens there in 2004, and talked TO into a game in the property’s gleaming gym.

T.O. did shed the Moorestown, NJ manse he picked up during his days with the Philadelphia Eagles. Zillow says that while in Buffalo playing for the Bills, he tried to be conservative and simply rent a home for the 2009 season. But the owner of the Orchard Park, NY home refused to have him as a tenant. So he bought it.

What’s T.O. doing now if he’s not buying RE? He owns a 50-percent ownership stake in the Allen Wranglers.



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