Ask Candy: Help Us Find a Reputable Company to Build An Outdoor Kitchen Environment in Dallas

Published March 2, 2012 by Candy Evans

A patio-loving  reader writes:

Hey Candy, I was curious if you could recommend a reputable company that specializes in building outdoor kitchens, stonework, etc. I am wanting pergola and an outdoor kitchen, with fire pit. I know you have so much involvement with real estate, I figured you may know a really good company for me! I learned the hard way several years ago during a disastrous bathroom remodel…from that moment on, I only deal with companies that someone highly recommends, with a great reputation. Thanks!

First of all, you have hit upon one of the very reasons why I created this blog: to celebrate and collect great vendors! ONLY really great vendors! All our advertisers are here by invitation only. A blog is kind of like your home; we invite in who we want! Like a small boutique, I have known these advertisers personally for years, and trust them enough to send them to our best friend, YOU! Outdoor kitchens and living areas are one of the hottest homeowner must-haves right now, both in new building and remodeling. With a mild Dallas winter like we’ve had, we can enjoy them year round plus they lower power bills in summer by taking cooking (and the mess) outdoors. Adding an outdoor kitchen/living space will most likely garner a positive return on your home, right agents?Grilled foods are healthier, but forget the food, if you have a spa, you’ll love having a warming drawer for keeping towels nice and toasty for those chilly eve dips! That warming drawer in your outdoor kitchen also comes in handy for holiday gatherings when everything in your inside kitchen is at capacity, and Kegorators can tap beer, or, simply serve as additional refrigeration when needed if no keg on tap! I think an outdoor kitchen with all the bells and whistles is a very smart move for your home!

Are buyers craving outside rooms decked out to the 9th degree? Does it really help add value to the home? And who might you recommend to get the job done? Inquiring real estate junkies want to know!  P.S. I’m putting a warming drawer in my bathroom…




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