Monday Morning Millionaire: This Swiss Avenue Manse Explains What They Mean by GCB: a Good Christian BUY!

Published March 5, 2012 by Candy Evans

You might as well call today GCB Day in Dallas. You know, Good Christian BUYS! First of all, 5447 Swiss  has been lowered from $1.2 million to $999,000 or $180. per square foot which includes, they tell me, more than $300K of updates and upgrades. Of course, not sure if that is retail or wholesale but in any case, you are getting some major, major perks here. (Or, like Amanda said when she saw Carlene, that’s not just plastic surgery, that’s a tear down!) This home has been renovated to perfection in every inch of the 5540 square feet with items that you would mortgage your soul for in Park Cities IF you could get the loan. Look at that classic kitchen with glass-front cabinetry, Sub Zero, stainless and granite. There are four bedrooms, three and a half baths, seven living areas including a media room & wine cellar that is actually, I know this might shock you, in a cellar! (I joke because I love the wine cellar that belongs to Allie Beth Allman agent Ani Nosnik that is actually on the third floor of the Mayfair!)  The pool has a retractable cover. There are quarters, a shop, and a sprinklered, leafy, manicured almost half-acre lot off one of the most elegant streets in Dallas. At this price, Amanda could just about swing her own place right down the street from Carlene Cockburn. Yes, I am bad and I confess: I just like typing out that last name (tee hee). P.S. This home has also been listed as Most Beautiful Home in Dallas by the wonderful folks over at D Home.

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