What Will GCB Do to Dallas Real Estate on Swiss Avenue? “Dallas is the Most Cosmopolitan City in Texas”

Published March 5, 2012 by Candy Evans

Once upon a time every visitor who came to Dallas had to run to Southfork to snap a photo in front of JR Ewing’s house. Now, however, they are running over to 5439 Swiss Avenue, home of Carlene Cockburn (yes, that is really her name)  on the new ABC Series “GCB”, based on the book by local celeb and realtor Kim Gatlin. Or maybe they’ll snap up Aldredge House, home of the Dallas County Medical Alliance. Either way, it’s pretty great that the show’s producers went out of their way to find some beautiful, classical homes in Dallas to showcase, NOT McMansions!

The pilot was shot on location, though Los Angeles doubles for Dallas in the series. “It was not an easy task as Dallas is known for its large expanses of property, many without high fences or security and lots of brick architecture,” she adds. “Los Angeles is full of palm trees that don’t do well in Dallas. We were able to find several wonderful houses and a great church in the L.A. basin that serve as the exteriors for our show.”

Although Dallas certainly earns its bigger-is-better notoriety — Aspen’s housewife character has a French Country-style kitchen with a countertop deep fryer and three double ovens — Dugally notes that the houses they saw there weren’t McMansions. “Dallas is the most cosmopolitan city in Texas. Most of the money is old money,” says the designer. “I said, ‘Let’s give our characters taste.’ We made a very conscious decision that the look be over-the-top but still elegant.”


— Daily Local Real Estate Dish By Dallas Real Estate Insider — Candy Evans at CandysDirt.com