Tuesday Two Hundred: Lochwood Lovely Offer Three Bedrooms, Two Baths, and Pretty Pool for $239,000

Published March 6, 2012 by Candy Evans

Um, is that a dog on the ledge?

I think I say this every week: this is the best part of my job, seeking out affordable homes that are so dang cute you just want to eat them up. Look at this YUMMY angel at 11110 Flamingo in Lochwood,  east of Lochwood Blvd. $239,000 — practically free! First of all, I love the addy because Dyslexia here cannot possibly reverse those numbers. (Oh, but I can drop the “0″!)

Secondly, have you seen this yard and pool? The professional landscaping yields great drive-up “sizzle”, and there are stone accents, new replacement windows, and natural wood accents. The interiors have been tastfully transformed from circa 1955; the telephone nook remains. That age is why you have those gleaming hardwoods. Kitchen updated and enlarged, and look at that breakfast nook!  Walls have been opened, but you still get 3 bedrooms, two baths in just over 1354 square feet packed in. By the way: both of those baths are new. Check out the 1950′s Picture window in the living room; I could write whole blog posts about picture windows. Oh Wisteria Way, I know you are in your last season, and if GCB doesn’t get you, Flamingo Lane just has a ring to it…P.S. GREAT video of the house! But can you find the wall owie?

— Daily Local Real Estate Dish By Dallas Real Estate Insider — Candy Evans at CandysDirt.com