Champ D’Or is Sprucing Up for the Big Time Auction: Did You Know The Master Bath Up There Has Heated Drawers?

Published March 10, 2012 by Candy Evans

No kidding! Recall the piece I wrote earlier this week on a gadzillion bathrooms being the newest building craze? I spent the afternoon up at Champ D’Or in Hickory Creek shooting a video, and you learn something new every day. I have been to Champ a few times but never, ever knew the mansion has heated drawers tucked in the Master bath.

These are impressive: they are deep, metal-lined drawers right next to the vanity, you pop in a robe or towel, turn it on and voila! Toasty warm snuggly towels and robes! I thought I had seen it all in this house. In 20 years you could not see it all.

I also overlooked, the last time I toured, the huge sauna off the Master bath, across from the coffee bar, down the hall from the Chanel closet and beauty salon room. It has beautiful tile work and was patterned after the sauna in the movie The Rat Pack. It also has a LaLique handle on the door. There is so much LaLique in this house, you wonder if they had to set up a temporary factory in Hickory Creek during construction.

Counted bathrooms: 6 regular, 8 powder for a total of 14. One powder off the first elevator has a double sink, much like a commercial powder room.

I interviewed Briggs Freeman Sothby’s Joan Eleazer, the first, middle and (hopefully) last agent who will represent Champ, at least for the Goldfields. I asked her how she got the listing, since she was the very first agent. (Remember, we had a contest here on asking people to name all the agents to win tickets to Agent ReBoot: Joan, Doris Jacobs, Greg Cagle, Joan, Elaine Whitfield, Cindy Frey, Joan. By the way, each agent spent about $100,000 marketing the Champ, except for Greg Cagle who spent $150K.) Joan told me that it was because of Sotheby’s that she got the listing. Briggs was affiliated with Sotheby’s initially, then Christies, and now back to Sotheby’s. Shirly and Alan Goldfield, the owners, had decided the sell the home before they even finished it. (And they spent five years building it!) They called Sotheby’s, who contacted Robbie Briggs. Out drove Robbie and Joan up I-35 to Turbeville Road in Hickory Creek for the shock of their life: 48,000 square feet of a near replica of TK not too far off the highway. Workers were still on scaffolding finishing up all the work. Shirly Goldfield was a perfectionist, and every inch of the home had to be utter perfection. I noticed little things today like sound-proof doors to the home theater and storage, storage everywhere. The Goldfields even bought a jewelry store in Paris, Texas and brought in all the cabinets and shelving to create ther Butler’s pantry. There is an island in the Butler’s pantry that opens at one end and stores a full size Brown Jordan serving cart. There is nothing, nothing Shirly didn’t think of. The house is 48,000 square feet and has a tearoom, garden room, ballroom and mini-theater. The over 30 acres of property include a swimming pool, tennis court and a lake. The style of the house mimics a French chateau and the center dome is 78 feet high. There’s a two-story mahogany library with cabinets for books so you don’t see them, that private hair salon, Rat Pack steam room, weight room, gift wrap room and as well as a bowling alley, ballroom and racquet ball court. The house has two elevators but you still need GSP inside. Joan also told me that there were not that many showings because, after all, who could qualify for a home of this price? I would be surprised, she said, if I knew which high profile (and very qualified) Dallas families seriously looked at it, liking the location. Alas, they did not bite. Not one nibble. Anyhoo, the folks from Channel 8 were up there today, my pal Steve “Stole-her” and crew, Steve telling me he had always wanted to see inside the Champ. See he did, today.

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