Aggressive Sales: Preston Hollow Resident Stabbed by Door-To-Door Magazine Solicitor

Published March 21, 2012 by Candy Evans


Those door-to-door magazine solicitors are getting way more aggressive — be careful! A magazine solicitor stabbed a 21-year old Preston Hollow resident and WFAA-TV has all the deets: the 21 year old answered the door, and the male solicitor babbled about needing money for an organization:

“He came up and was very inarticulate, and said some kind of babble about needing money for some organization – obviously fake,” the man said.

The victim ended up with 11 stitches in his face after the salesman wouldn’t take no for answer. The victim pulled out a knife and went after him. Last week, a gal named Tontanisha Reed was arrested last week after police say she threatened a homeowner who refused to buy magazines.

According to a police report, she yelled, “You better watch your back. I have friends and they will take care of you, I know where you live.”

I think this ought to end door-to-door solicitation business once and for all, for ALL businesses. Let’s just make it illegal. First of all, who needs those magazines, and the charges are outrageous. I highly doubt the needy young people selling them see much of the revenue. Secondly, you deserve some peace and quiet when you are in your home.




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