Champ d’Or Chalked Up Mega Pageviews on MSNBC.COM Today

Published March 21, 2012 by Candy Evans

This is why auctions can be so darn effective: Champ d’Or is getting a Texas-sized dose of publicity not just here but all over the world now. I shot a video for Zillow there last week, and now it’s gone plumb viral. Which means, lots of hits to our site today. I thought this comment was interesting:

I want to throw up! Obscene riches. Remember babe, someday your be in a box in the ground. You’ll have the same square footage as all of us.

Ain’t that the truth? Sounds like something Charlene would say on GCB. And I still do not understand why the producers of Good Christian B’s did not shoot some scenes at Champ — might have added a little needed zip to the script.

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