Breaking Dallas Real Estate News: Where is Prudential Turtle Creek and Why Is The Office Empty?

Published March 30, 2012 by Candy Evans

I received word today that Prudential’s Turtle Creek office over at 2 Turtle Creek Village, suite 250, (off Blackburn) has shuttered. In fact, one agent had to run down to another real estate office on Oak Lawn Avenue to use the computer to print off a listing agreement and other vital real estate documents. So I ran down to check and sure enough, the office suite at 250 is as bare as a newborn baby’s butt – no sign of life. The security guard told me the tenants snuck out of the place last week, middle of the night,  leaving it empty. As far as where they are now, he said, I have no idea.

Kind of bizarre behavior, no? What do you do when you wake up and find your broker no longer has an office?

Update: Sources tell me that Prudential on Greenville Ave has taken in the agents so they can work.

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