Who Bought Champ d’Or on Turbeville Road in Hickory Creek, Texas? Let’s Speculate

Published April 3, 2012 by Candy Evans

Naturally, I won’t sleep until I find out who got the winning bid on Champ d’Or this weekend and how much they paid — confidentiality clauses are the bain of my existence.

I’m getting a few clues. We know it was a Dallas family — Preston Hollow, I’ve heard — with international connections. Many readers have emailed with speculation:

Bob and Mynra Schlegel: Champ could really use an infusion of fresh Pavestone and even though Bob sold the company, I’m sure he can get a deal. (That driveway is  at least 600 feet long.) And as Karen Eubank pointed out, what a great place to have the next two kids’ weddings!

Gene and Jerry Jones: they will use it as a weekend family retreat and occasional party house for The Cowboys.

Mark Cuban: Ditto, Mavs.

Khloe & Lamar: Sister Kim will feel very safe in Hickory Creek, only 15 minutes from DFW

Trevor Rees-Jones: Wife Jan is a fantastic animal rights activist, loves animals and flying airplanes. Champ could be a great weekend retreat and can you imagine all the strays you could take into that basement? Besides, Trevor likes to collect houses.

Tim Headington: he’s got his Miami Beach and downtown Dallas condos on the market, lives very conservatively over on Crescent in Highland Park, could use Champ as a getaway and film studio — we had great acoustics in the theater when filming for Zillow.

Randall Stephenson: He did get a $2 million pay cut, but that hasn’t stopped him from building a family compound up on Walnut Hill Lane, which I hear he is is even trying to enlarge. Hmmm maybe he bought Champ. Stephenson could certainly afford a 10.3 million dollar home with a 2011 total pay package at $18.7 million, right?

Scott and Gina Ginsburg: He just sold Park Lane for what, $6 or $7 million? Again, weekend retreat for the fam, close by, and he’s flush with cash from last month’s sale. Maybe he did a 1031 Exchange?

Scott & Gina is she not just stunning?

I’m sure there are other qualified candidates: what or rather who is your best guess?





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