What Basement Were You In Today? Dallas Real Estate Tornado News

Published April 4, 2012 by Candy Evans

Bowl while it blows in the basement of Champ d'Or!

I’m not talking about showing homes, I mean, where did you run for safety when the tornado sirens started blaring? I was out driving, looking at homes — OMG I’ve got the scoop on 4511 Watauga coming up, Jeeze Louise 13,000 square feet and another double-level closet! What is it with these two story master closets? My daughter texts me that there are tornadoes, my husband tells me everyone at Presbyterian has gone to the basement! So I drive home to our tornado closet, stopping to warn every yard man I could! There were two men in a tree, chopping wood, and I thought, my God, they will be blown away! Our yard men were on the mowers with ear protectors on, I had to flag them down and drag them into our garage while I made room in the storm closet. The way it is now, our junk will survive a tornado while we are blown away! I hope others of you were in more elegant locations. Like Doris Jacobs: she was lunching at the Mansion, and everyone ran down to the Mansion basement for cover. (The wine cellar is down there, too, hmmm.) Remind me to schedule lunch with Doris at the Mansion or Fearings next time a storm rolls into town.

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