Fess Up Right Now: Have You Ever Owned a Gold Swan Faucet? If So, You Will Love This House…

Published April 5, 2012 by Candy Evans

If I fib, my daughter usually rats me out so yes, I confess, had a gold swan faucet in our Park Lane house all through the 1990′s. There — I do feel better. It was in my master bath tub. The faucets were goobly gah gold, too. They came with the house– OK, it’s Lent. I lied. I paid good, hard money for them and had them installed.  Jeeze, is this confession or something?

Maybe that’s why I can relate to this house. There was a time when this kind of decor was haute living. It was the cat’s meow. My mother was once extremely proud of her black commode, four inch orange shag carpet, and orange poppy wallpaper. All of which is back in style now, ye gads.

This is circa what, 1972? That prissy white laminate kitchen with the “French provincial” cabinets. The round breakfast room with brick floor. That double decker whatever fireplace. Have no idea what is going on in the study or the gloom & doom room. Yeah, it needs to be ripped out and we start anew. Get this, you can: only $334,900 at this classy addy: 6910 Lupton. Yes, I said Lupton in DALLAS. As in the famous Lupton family who once owned all of Preston Hollow. Built in 1972, the house has great bones, 2993 square feet, three bedrooms, three and a half baths (oh wait till you see the powder room, o la la), a sauna steam room which you can just turn on all night and steam off that wallpaper (did I say that?) and a library study. The yard is lush and treed, about 1/3rd acre. Don’t back away from this one: it will take a STRONG MAN to shape her up, but I think she’s a little diamond in the rough!


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