Candy’s List: Help This Poor Agent Find a Light, Bright Listing Fast!

Published April 13, 2012 by Candy Evans

She’s looking for a property value of $2-3 M that must be showable without the lights on … great natural light is very important to these buyers, and isn’t that a smart thing to do? You know the standard rule of fare for showing a home is to get in there and light up the place BEFORE the potential buyers get there. Well, why not just tell them not to do that (and save energy)?

They desire an open floor plan which provides an open view of pool from kitchen, and that kitchen must be open to living areas for outdoor entertaining. I.E.: we keep an eye on our kids at all times.

Hello, DISD, I love this next wish because it says so much:

“Elementary schools are important… if private schools are needed, the budget for home will be adjusted for cost of private school.”

Boy, these buyers don’t want much, just God: “Comps must support price of property, and indication that values will hold for 5-7 years.”

Oh yes, they would like it to be move-in ready for June/July.

Here’s what I sugggest: Nancy Martinez’ 1.118 acres on Williamsburg and Valley Ridge. Corner lot, western peripherals of Preston Hollow. $969,000 is a freaking bargain for this acreage. Talk about light and bright…



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