Does Art & Real Estate Intersect? You Bet, Right Here in Dallas -Dallas Art Fair

Published April 15, 2012 by Candy Evans

I was at the amazing Dallas Art Fair Patron party Thursday night, and while my mouth moved more than my eyes, talking to throngs of friends, one image caught my eye at the booth of Santa Monica dealer Peter Fetterman, Peter Fetterman Gallery. Probably, of course, because it was real-estate-y. It was fine art photography, seen here to the left of the photo. See the building that appears to have women standing in the windows? They are! It is a photograph of an old brownstone building in New York City, on 58th street, about to be torn down. It was 1960 and the photographer, Ormond Gigli, lived across from the brownstone and wanted to have models pose in the window, to commemorate the building before it turned to rubble. The building owner said no no, too much of a liability — this even back in the sixties, what if the models fell, etc. Gigli, who is French, persisted. And French men can be very persistent! Finally, the owner relented with one provision: he wanted his own wife to pose in the photo! Gigli said, mais oui! One wonders why the developer made this unusual request… but his wife is the woman whose shoes are too big!

By the way, are you as obsessed with the sixties as I am these days? You may even catch me wearing gloves! Or hanging onto a building!

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