Museum Tower Model Homes: 2800 Square Feet of Clean Living With Marco French

Published April 16, 2012 by Candy Evans

Here’s the thing about Museum Tower: you could buy here and never nail one piece of art to the walls because your views are your art! From 1800 square feet to the 9,000 square foot penthouse — who will buy that? Here is the smallest model, 2800 square feet of French art deco from 1930′s France with super clean lines and ebony wood. Marco French pulled in Donald Judd, Allan Knight and Nancy Corzine to fill a 2800 square foot residence designed to show buyers how the simplicity and elegance of the space does not have to interfere with anything they might own. It can, he says, house anyone’s tastes and collection and many, many rich colors. (Or none at all when you’ve got that vibrant red across the street!) This is a modern building that is not cold and sterile; it is warm, inviting and yes, antiques feel right at home. Very much at home, like the yummy fabric on these chairs. French has also said the building is so beautifully proportioned that even the “smallest” units do not seem small. His 2800 square foot model is one of the smallest, and at $800 a square foot will only set you back $2.2 million, but with the incredible expanse of glass — even the balconies are sliding sheets of glass with no joints, no baseboards–  rooms seem endless. At night, the inside and outside just blend together and it is really like living in the sky. With art, or no art!

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