Troy Aikman’s House is Now Listed at $14 Million. But The Price HAS NOT Been Lowered

Published April 19, 2012 by Candy Evans noticed something I noticed recently: that Troy’s house is now listed for $14 million. Wow, you might say, he’s caving in and lowering the price. Wrong. Well, technically yes, he did lower the price but that’s because you now get less land in the deal.  I have not heard officially from Allie Beth Allman, listing agent, but other agents tell me Troy lowered the price because he is selling the lot he acquired separately, carving that back out of the deal. Checking the ABA site, here it is: 4425 Highland Drive is listed for $14,000,000. 4419 Highland Drive is listed for $11, 500,000. In case I forgot zeros, those are millions and yes, the lot is dirt at $11,500,000. And I hear someone is mighty interested in that little piece of dirt which is .90 acres in PRIME Highland Park; circling, in fact. That there lot is like looking at a 100 carat diamond!

I am so fascinated by how properties are stitched together and then ripped apart, just like the seams in the awful frocks I sewed in sewing class, yes SEWING CLASS! Parochial school, made me take it, I wanted to take shop but this was prior to Title IX. Sigh. Only thing I sew today is wild oats in real estate reporting!

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