Hot Property: Irmgard Arthur. What’s the Secret to Long Term Relationships: Multiple Houses

Published May 3, 2012 by Candy Evans

It’s kind of like having Kim Dawson as your real estate agent. No kidding, did you know Allie Beth Allman agent Irmgard Arthur used to be an international runway model and opened her own wildly successful school of modeling back in Germany? The classes included ladies self improvement, teenage charm and even exercise classes! She arranged arranged fashion shows and used the graduates of her modeling classes as models. No wonder she can stage her listing with a sweep of the hand. I would not be surprised someday at all to walk into one of Irmgard’s listings, like say in the Creeks of Preston Hollow, and see live models strutting it up! She’s also business/personal partners with my favorite Dartmouth man du jour Ira Archer. Read on for the secret to their great relationship!

CD: Did you grow up in Tejas?

IA: No, I was born and raised in Munich, Germany

CD: Where do you live now? House or Condo?

IA: I live in the Mayfair at Turtle Creek, have lived there since it was built in 2000. Before that I lived in the Park Cities for 20 years.

CD: And you drive a…

IA: Just got a Lexus ES 350

CD: It is gorgeous. What’s your favorite ‘hood in Dallas and why?

IA: Of course, my favorite ‘hood is the Park Cities! Isn’t everybody’s? My German relatives are amazed when they come to visit at all the trees, azaleas etc. we have. They say: we thought Texas is brown!

CD: If you could move in Dallas, where else might you live — what other neighborhood?

IA: Just PC.

CD: Those acronyms getting to you, too! How the heck did you get started in Real Estate? Who’d you work for first?

IA: After my divorce, I worked for Lehndorff Mgt., a German founded commercial real estate co. It peaked my interest and I went into residential (a long story). This was in 1981 when interest rates were 18%. I thought I’d burn out quickly, so I worked until it was too late to call people and there was no more paperwork to do. Was frantic. I had 3 little closings right away and thought, this is fun! You know what? I have never gotten burnt out.

CD: What’s your worst sales nightmare? Just worst transaction ever?

IA: To have a willing buyer and seller sign off on a contract and then the property not appraising. Something should be done about that.

CD: It should! What’s your best/highest sale?

IA: I have had many great sales with wonderful customers but my highest sale recently was 4521 St. John’s, a vacant lot in HP for $15,000,000. List price.

CD: I remember that! How quickly have you ever turned a house?

IA: This past December, December mind you, the first person who saw it wrote a contract .

CD: How much did you sell last year?

IA: Recent sales per annum have been in the $10 – $25 mill range with my partner, Ira Archer.

CD: What are the secrets to successfully marketing a house?

IA:  To have the house staged, to meet the showings, light candles and add fresh flowers, in addition to e-blasts, social media and (of course) having it mentioned in Candy’s Dirt! That’s what sells!

CD: If you ever change careers for an encore you’ll…

IA: Become an attorney.

CD: OK, what is your favorite place for a second home and why?

IA:  Aspen/Snowmass since I love to ski and hike.

CD: But of course, you’re German! We’re going to have to do this again, soon — I want to know your secrets to a successful partnership. You and Ira have been together for 20 years!

IA: We live apart in separate houses.

CD: Wow. Now that’s one way to stimulate sales!





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