Deion and Pilar Saga: Anyone Want to Buy a $21 Million, 29,000 Square Foot Home in Prosper? That’s What I Thought

Published May 4, 2012 by Candy Evans

I’m telling you, it’s War of the Roses up there in Prosper. I know the house is technically big enough for two people, but really, in a divorce, even Champ D’Or is too small. These people need to live apart plain and simple. Meantime, Deion is showing off the mansion to ABC-TV. Is he getting ready to sell again? Sources tell me he has more than $900,000 worth of mink coats. Looks like the water damage from last year is all repaired. But does anyone else find it strange that the Secret Service is now involved in this dometic dispute? Taxpayer dollars at work (sigh)…

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