Ever Turned House Trash Into Cash? How Would You Like to be a Real Estate Superstar and Win Big?

Published May 5, 2012 by Candy Evans

Sean Wallis bought this East Dallas Duplex for $12,500

I know you are out there, another real estate nutcase like me who has overcome impossible odds in dealing with REO properties? You’ve transformed stinkers into stunners, losers into lovers, lemons into lemonade with a strong splash of vodka.

Well, Housingwire Magazine is looking for you as they seek their first AGENT X, a true REO superstar. And there are some major perks involved, so pay attention.

The online pub seeks stories of personal triumph, in which you battled a property so run down and neglected that everyone else thought it was a lost cause from the beginning. Translation: scraper. Translation: they thought you were off your rocker. Tell us about the property, about the challenges you faced, and how you overcame them to eventually rehab and sell something that at one time seemed not just unsellable, but un-unhabitable.

Convince HousingWire that you are worthy, and you could win. Like $100,000 in Marketing Services from HW Creative, including: creative/development services, a profile in the prestigious Giants of REO, on-line ad placement on HousingWire.com, print ad placement in HousingWire Magazine, a handsome trophy acknowledging their achievement, a graphic badge for personal advertising, and a lapel pin, identifying YOU as AGENT X.

We will also run a full profile of you, your lapel pin, and your properties here on CandysDirt.com. If you are nice, you may even get to guest post and a drink.

Are you shaking yet?

Consideration for the AGENT X Award is open to all real estate professionals who are registered for the 2012 REO Expo. To be considered for this award, please fill out this form, and tell your story, either by describing your experience in 1,000 words or less accompanied by supporting photos. Or just laze out and submit a video of no more than three minutes. All submissions must be received by HousingWire by May 15, 2012. No late submissions will be considered.

At the end of the submission process, HousingWire will select five finalists to present their triumphant REO stories in front of a panel of judges, including your’s truly,  and a live audience at an awards ceremony to be held at REO Expo. Finalists will be asked to submit a video about their experience (no more than three minutes, thank you, this is not the Academy Awards) prior to the EXPO, and will be provided up to five minutes at the ceremony itself to further discuss their horror story with happy ending live before the judges after screening the video for the audience. Crowdsourcing, too: during the ceremony, held on the first day, Tuesday, of the REO Expo, audience members will be invited to Tweet their choice for winner. After those votes are tallied, the judges will make their final selection. The winner will be announced at the ceremony, and also at the General Session to be held the following Wednesday morning.

I’m tired already, but also very excited.


No substitution, cash redemption or transfer of right to receive prizes is permitted.

To register for REO EXPO 2012, please CLICK HERE.


— Daily Local Real Estate Dish By Dallas Real Estate Insider — Candy Evans at CandysDirt.com