The Return of Multiple Offers: Brisk Market, Eat Wheaties, Say Prayers. But It Ain’t 2005

Published May 16, 2012 by Candy Evans

Lochwood Love Snapped Up Fast

Not only am I hearing of multiple offers on choice listings in Dallas and as far north as Frisco, but now I know of several homes selling that never even made it into MLS. I am starting to become concerned that with so many homes by-passing MLS, we will not be getting a clear handle on true sales figures. According to the experts, there are pockets of healthy markets around the country: Orange County, D.C. and Dallas/Houston/Austin.  But Calculated Risk blog, which I became obsessed with during the housing meltdown, says today’s dynamics are very different.

“This is only happening in a few parts of the country, the buyers are usually making substantial down payments, and I suspect any clear increase in prices would be met with more supply (“sellers waiting for a better market”).”

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