Why Stage a House? Because it Gets Them Sold (Quickly!)

Published May 29, 2012 by Joanna England

We had a Tuesday Two Hundred last week that was super cute and move-in ready. The Lakeland Hills midcentury-modern home at 8829 Hackney was priced right and perfectly staged by Karen Eubank.

Now, a lot of the mid-mods that hit the market as of late have sold at a crazy-fast pace. But this one was only on the market for TWO WHOLE DAYS before getting snatched up, says listing agent Kerry Paradise Slaughter. And get this, there were multiple offers!

This sale is pretty telling. One, the market for mid-mods is VERY brisk, so prepare for multiple bids. Two, homes in Lake Highlands are going to hold their value well. And most importantly, hiring an experienced stager will get your home sold!

Eubank, who was kind enough to send me a few “before” shots, tells me that when a home is staged with a sale in mind, it will catch a buyer’s eye. In this case, while the home itself was in great shape, there were several little things the buyers needed to do to make sure they got top dollar for it.

First Eubank addressed the bland entryway. By painting a wall and adding some plants, she gave the front of the house “some style and imprinted a memory on the potential buyer.”

The entryway "before"

The entryway "after"

Next, Eubank had to address the visible washer and dryer in the kitchen area.

“This was the big fix,” Eubank said. “I had them build doors to cover the washer/dryer.
No one wants to see or think about laundry.”

Additionally, Eubank said that some of the personal art could have been polarizing for a buyer, so she replaced it with something much more neutral, as well as moving a couch into the living area to replace the piano.

The kitchen and living area "before"

The living and kitchen "after"

Staging doesn’t always mean big changes, but it does help steer buyers’ eyes away from problem areas. Take, for instance, the fact that the patio was a perfect outdoor spot, but there was a terrible view of the neighbor’s fence.

“It’s a beautiful space to entertain with a potential deal killer view of the neighbor’s chain link fence and kitchen window,” Eubank said.

The patio "before"

The patio "after"

Tell us: Do you think staging is worth the investment?

— Daily Local Real Estate Dish By Dallas Real Estate Insider — Candy Evans at CandysDirt.com