In Case You’d Rather Leave the Cooking to Someone Else, Meet Home Chef Jedediah Strong Smith

Published May 29, 2012 by Candy Evans

Go ahead, take that kitchen for a test drive! Meet Jedediah Strong Smith of and his darling yoga instructing wife, Jessica Jane Smith. Oh yes, you can call him Jed for short. Formerly of Bozeman, Montana, where he created delectable meals of health and fabu taste for the Bozeman jet set — we are talking folks in Spanish Peaks, Yellowstone Club — Jed and Jess are now in Dallas and ready to cook for you in your home.

“From the Feathered Pipe Ranch on the Continental Divide, to movie studios throughout Los Angeles Basin, I regard what we eat not as fuel to get through the day but as a metaphor for who we are. As an apex species we have the highest influence upon what happens to this planet day to day. With that power it is our responsibility to produce and harvest everything we consume in an ethical responsible way. This has been severely fractured in a relatively short amount of time with the systemic industrialization of our food supply. I cook to repair our relationship with the natural world using the food we consume. Refining whole food down to its best representation of itself is my daily mission and I would love to do that for you.”

We sampled Jed’s natural food world this Memorial Day weekend, fused with the fantastic essential oils of Michele Bardwell, my Flower Road friend extraordinaire. Heaven, pure heaven. If you need someone to cook a dinner for you in your home, put Jed and Jess (and Michelle!) on speed dial and get them into your kitchen: 406.600.8583.

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