Kwame Kilpatrick Has it Really Tough: Texas is Just Too Big for Him (Does He Know John Wiley Price?)

Published June 6, 2012 by Candy Evans

Home, Sweet Home for Kwame in GP

Comes news today that Kwame Kilpatrick, the shady former mayor of Detroit, is asking Michigan officials to change the terms of his probation because Texas is just too darn big. According to exclusive emails obtained by The Detroit News, which YOU MUST READ, the former Detroit mayor has to drive too much in Texas because we are such a big state, he cannot walk, so doing community service is a super duper burden.

Kilpatrick pleaded guilty in 2008 to obstruction of justice charges, something to do with lying about the fact he was having an affair with a staffer, something about sexting, followed by more charges of corruption, extortion, bribes and hiding assets that make you wonder if he’s good friends with John Wiley Price. Anyhew, Michigan wants more money out of Kwame, who owes the state a little less than a million. The state smartly upped his payments recently to $500 a month, which is what his former Chief of Staff is shelling out. But Kwame bellyaches that driving time and costs associated with living in Dallas-Fort Worth make those new terms, set in March of this year, just unreasonable.

I know our real estate market is not tanking like Michigan’s, but since when is Texas a high cost of living state?

The current rental is a 5,000-square-footer in Grand Prairie, and the sheer size is making Detroit folks uneasy that Kilpatrick is living way too well. Meantime, hard-working, house-poor taxpayers are funding his legal defense against federal racketeering charges.

Hey Detroit, maybe it’s time for Occupy Kwame!

Forgot to tell you: he’s also an author. His new digs came to light before a hearing to determine why proceeds from the sale of the former mayor’s book –he also does speeches — have not been forwarded to an escrow account.

La Paloma house

first Grand Prairie rental

Kilpatrick, who is 42 and has three sons, once worked as a medical software salesman for Covisint Healthcare.

Kilpatrick has been priming our real estate rental market since relocating to Texas almost four years ago. First was the$1.2 million Southlake mansion with pool in toney La Paloma, which the family pre-paid $74,000 to lease for 13 months. The home had a market value of $1,125,000 and was built in 1998. It had five bedrooms, five and a half baths, a game room, a study, a formal dining room and an in-ground pool. Maybe they thought that La Paloma was too showy so they relocated to a $235,000, four-bedroom, three-bath home in less toney Grand Prairie that leased for $2,100 a month. Then they moved to the current pad, seen by folks in Detroit as a step up. This rental is a 5,016-square-footer in Mira Lagos in Grand Prairie. It has five bedrooms, four bathrooms and an attached two-car garage. The home was built in 2006 and has the usual Texas goodies: kitchen with granite countertops, vaulted ceilings in the hall and family room, French doors leading to a landscaped yard, a large master suite and study. It also features a game room and media room. Not sure about a pool. Originally purchased for $371,900, this one is appraised at $338,400 and was recently listed at $309,950.

Of course everyone wonders how he can afford a fancy home on $60,000 a year, which is all he claims he is earning. Course, his wife works. His team of attorneys are being covered by Michigan taxpayers,  and Kilpatrick was paying $160 per month for restitution until this March. At that rate, the bill would have been paid off in, oh, 448 years.

All I know is this: Booth the Grand Prairie rental and the La Paloma home were larger than his crib as Mayor of Detroit, the Mayor’s pad — 4004 square feet at the Manoogian Mansion. So quit squawking about our cost of living, Kwame.








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