One of My Fave Dallas Real Estate Agents Reports From Hanover, New Hampshire: Animal House Lives On

Published June 14, 2012 by Candy Evans

I have told you that I have an extremely soft spot for Dartmouth men. They would be my husband, John Sughrue (Harvard first, won’t hold that against him, but holds an M.B.A. from Dartmouth), Maxwell Anderson, Mickey Stuart, boyfriends in my past, and of course, Allie Beth Allman’s Ira Archer. Ira is up in Hanover right now at his reunion, with partner Irmgard Arthur, and as promised, he sent me a photo of him in front of the notorious Thayer Hall — Dartmouth’s main dining hall, where the famous food fight in Animal House took place. (Ira may or may not have had a role in the inspiration for the film.) He sent me tales of his chats with former Dartmouth Dean Thayer, and memories kindled by classmates. Like how one, Hugh Johnson, brought Jane Fonda to BHCF weekend in 1961. A 2012 family member asked him if it was true the Zete’s had a sex room in the basement. It wasn’t at Zete, he said, it was at AD. (I think it was still there when I attended Dartmouth. Maybe.) The DKE House is now a sorority, and Theta Delta Chi is in great shape and has expanded the house. Also, he reminded one wife of a classmate who said she loved the Milk Punch served by the Zete’s at their famous Sunday afternoon rock band parties that it was mixed by John Zabriski, who later went to Rochester for a PH.D. in Chemistry and became President of Merck Pharmaceuticals. No doubt, Ira is making some great real estate connections up there in Hangover — I mean, Hanover, NH and selling classmates Dallas dirt in the Creeks of Preston Hollow, right Ira? 





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