As We Are Well Aware, Americans Are Moving to Dallas: Dallas #6th Most Popular City to Move to in U.S.

Published June 16, 2012 by Candy Evans

Push, shove, honk. God, I don’t have to tell you this, you know it already from the traffic. Dallas is one of the top ten cities in the US where everyone is moving. Those ten are, according to the nice people at U-Haul,  Washington, D.C., Phoenix and Mesa (meh), Houston, Seattle Bellevue Everett — too rainy for me, my hair would never be straight –, Atlanta (like All Hill III), Dallas-Fort Worth, San Diego (right on!), Denver (going there next week), Los Angeles Long Beach (why?), and Chicago. I love my Windy where I was born but oh my the housing market there is about as active as mud and the taxes!!!! (Course, nothing beats California as a financial wreck. Talked to a guy from San Diego who tells me the state has tried to go bankrupt 5 times!) And friends tell me the job market there is NOT hopping. Of course, it just so happens the author of this piece is a darling gal I know, Ilyce Glink, and she’s from Chicago!

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