Best Realtors: Selling the Most, and I Mean the Most, Challenging Homes in America

Published June 18, 2012 by Candy Evans


As I was telling a reporter the other day, I don’t understand the Jayson Blairs of this world. You just cannot make this sh** up! Truth is way better than fiction, especially when it comes to real estate.

Background: I was honored to be a judge last week for Housingwire Magazine’s First Annual “Tell Me Your REO Story” Agent X Superstar Competition. Here I am with the other two judges, Mary Frances Burleson,  President and CEO of Ebby Halliday Realtors,  and Bubba Mills, president of Corcoran Coaching. Talk about hanging with power people, I was looking for Tom Hicks to walk in the door any minute! Instead of doing one of those phoney baloney “Best Realtors” deals, Housingwire said show us the money, honey. Send us your worst ever listing ever and what you had to do to sell this thing, and we will pick the toughest, most compelling story and make you an Agent X REO Superstar. Housing wire got 60 entries. Dallas agent Keith Yonnick saw this post on my site and entered.

He won second place!

Bubba, Housingwires’ Richard Bittner, moi, Mary Frances

I’ll show you each one of the five finalists in the weeks to come. You’ve gotta hear these tales of the sale. The winner collected $100,000 in free marketing for the next year. I’m thinking of unabashedly copying this idea at Candy’ And if, after reading these stories, you do not think our Keith Yonnick and the other four guys are effing geniuses, well, I guess I’ll go start blogging about cars or something.

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