Should City Hall Let Developers Implode The Praetorian Building in Downtown Dallas? Preservation Dallas Says No

Published June 23, 2012 by Joanna England

The metal skin was added in 1960, but the Praetorian Building was originally built in 1909.

According to a letter from Carol Roark, Preservation Dallas’ interim executive director, City Hall shouldn’t allow the owners of the century-old Praetorian Building to implode the downtown structure as plans indicate.

Roark, who sent a missive to just about everyone in the building business at City Hall yesterday morning, says that there are some major concerns. The one that concerns this writer the most is the potential for lead to be released into the air via dust from the implosion.

That should be a huge issue for the growing number of Downtown Dallas residents. Especially those with children. Preservation Dallas is imploring City Hall to nix the implosion and opt for a traditional top-down dismantling.

The building, which has changed hands a couple of times in recent memory, has been the subject of redevelopment plans and talks, but it seems demolishing the building is the only idea that has had legs.

Read the full letter below:

Praetorian Implosion

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