That’s Nice: Big Rich Texas Lawsuit Between Pam Martin-Duarte and Dena Miller is, Apparently, Over

Published June 29, 2012 by Candy Evans

There’s only one, well maybe two, reasons I’m writing this. Dena Miller has a real estate connection: she’s married to Vaughn Miller, grandson of real estate developer Henry S. Miller who used to own Highland Park Village ’till he sold it to Ray Washburne. Vaughn is in the real estate biz. Pam Martin-Duarte sued Sena Miller over — what was it? A cyber defamation campaign somehow related to the reality show Big, Rich Texas. Allen Peppard has the latest: on Wednesday morning, Duarte’s attorney, Larry Friedman, and Miller’s counsel, D’Lesli M. Davis with Fulbright & Jaworski, dismissed most of the claims. The two women have not exactly kissed and made up, but have agreed to meet and resolve their disputes.

I wonder what those attorneys put in the celeb’s Wheaties? Might want to call them in to help settle property disputes, and keep everyone out of court.

Speaking of Big, Rich Texas, did you know that when it comes to houses, we are not? No sir, that distinction belongs to — Utah. Yes, for all those polygamous couples and Mormons who have more kids than rabbits. Nothing wrong with that — it fills the big homes up.

On Numbers looked at two measures in the biggest home analysis. First was the highest percentage of homes with nine or more rooms, and second was homes with five or more bedrooms.

We finished 45th nationally in the number of homes with nine or more rooms and 47th in the homes with five or bedrooms. See, Provo, Utah beat us with 30 percent of the homes having nine or more rooms, more than a quarter having five or more bedrooms. Only 11.49 percent of Dallas-Fort Worth have nine or more rooms (hello, birth control!) while only 3.9 percent have  five or more bedrooms. So maybe Big, Rich Texas might move to Provo and be called Fertile Myrtle Utah — especially if Romney wins the White House.

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