Broker Babble: What’s YOUR Definition of Tender Loving Care? Dallas Real Estate Noose…

Published July 10, 2012 by Candy Evans

God, this place is cheap: $29,500 for a condo over in Vickery/Meadows, south of Walnut Hill Lane. 5815 Phoenix Drive, two bedrooms, two baths, no pool but a private hot tub!!! (I am so psyched!!!) HOA dues are $280 a month (WTF?)  1175 square feet at 5815 Phoenix Drive.
It’s very close to Presby and all the new medical growth going on over there, so would make a great investor rental. And at this price, you could practically put it on your Mastercard for 29,500 advantage miles. But still, folks, tell me: if the house is $29K or $29 million, shouldn’t you clean up for the photos? I mean, come on. At least get the clothes out of the closet and maybe put on some doors? What is this, a new season of Hoarders?
What are all those soap and sanitary dispenser thingees in the bathroom — do we have to wash our hands every five minutes because we’ve been in that inviting spa? And I love cameos of agents or photographers in the mirror. Well, at least he was wearing clothes!

I did not post the laundry room/closet — my eyes need a vacation! Think I’ll have a nice glass of wine on the patio — care to join me?

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