Castle Keepers Eviction Fiasco Ends In Murphy: Shocker, Someone Was Shown the Door

Published July 12, 2012 by Karen Eubank

Recall last week’s drama up in Murphy (Collin County) where a homeowner named Aji Philip hired Castle Keepers and CK put tenants — named the Burgess brothers, 27 year old Drew, and 23-year old Shaun, into the home. Though youngsters, these fellows had been “home managers” before in three different Castle Keepers homes and had references. We were told by Kenny Raupple, owner of Castle Keepers, that one of the brothers Burgess sort of pulled a fast one on him by changing the contract he signed to give themselves more time in the casa before vacating, and more guests. Like their Papa. And a pet pit bull. The whole ordeal was very messy for the homeowner. Philip, who tried going to police but because it was a civil matter, had to wait for the court system to do its thing, after she got tasered. Ouch. Sometimes waiting for the court system can be very frustrating, I know.

Well, we are told that today, about 1 o’clock p.m., the police, a locksmith and a couple of “bouncers” headed over to 720 Paint Creek Drive in Murphy this afternoon to legally evict Nathan Burgess and his pit bull. (We sure hope he’s a responsible pet owner.) This after a jury trial, all the time, resources and energy wasted on what should have been a simple procedure. Did it really have to go this far? What in the end did Mr. Burgess prove? Maybe this is his essay for law school?

No word yet on whether Raupple has collected his $5,365 judgement for unpaid rent, attorney’s fees and court costs. We also wonder if he is finding another Castle Keeper for Philip… and if the Burgesses appealed, as they said they would.

Guess not… or they might still be kings of the castle!



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