Castle Keepers’ Trauma in Murphy: Former Tenant Allegedly Pooped on Property

Published July 17, 2012 by Candy Evans

We told you about the Castle Keeper drama up in Murphy (Collin County), where a homeowner named Aji Philip hired Castle Keepers and CK put tenants in her home, this home, to tend it. They were brothers, the Burgess brothers, 27 year old Drew, and 23-year old Shaun. We were told by Kenny Raupple, owner of Castle Keepers, that one of the brothers Burgess sort of pulled a fast one on him by changing the contract he signed to give themselves more time in the casa before vacating, and brought in their dad, Nathan, and a dog. The whole ordeal was very messy for the homeowner. And it seems like the dad, Nathan, is more of a child than his sons. Last week, July 11, we were told the police, a locksmith and a couple of “bouncers” headed over to 720 Paint Creek Drive in Murphy to legally evict Nathan Burgess and his pit bull. Bud Gillett over at Channel 11 tells us he didn’t exactly want to go peacefully. In fact, Gillett said the family nut patriarch, Nathan Burgess, reportedly left his possessions in the yard and moved into his car. Burgess was cited for (literally) illegal dumping, then finally arrested for disorderly conduct. Philip is still ticked off, can you blame her?

“He (Burgess) threw glass all over my property, he defecated on my property, he brought his family, they brought their friends in. All trespassing,” she said.

I’m confused: I thought the sons were the original tenants. Now we learn that one son, Drew Burgess, the one supposedly hired to stage the house with furniture, who wants to go to law school so he got all tricky with the contract, gathered his daughter and belongings and left.

This kid has a daughter? Pardon me for being old fashioned but, where is Mama? And my my, grandpa is a pillar of a role model.

This is not the best PR for Castle Keepers, which is really a great company. So great they are, in fact, repairing any damage at Philips’ and getting her new tenants — if she wants them!


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