Dallas Real Estate Agent Extraordinaire Nancy Guerriero Departs Briggs-Freeman for Dallas City and Expands Bigtime with Will Seale, Karla and Alex Trusler

Published July 30, 2012 by Candy Evans

The chairs just keep on turning: Nancy Guerriero has departed Briggs Freeman to work with Kevin Caskey over at Dallas City Center joined by Janelle Law, of course, but also — are you ready for this? — Will Seale from Allie Beth Allman (about two doors away) and the cute cute hubby-wife team of Karla and Alex Trusler, also of Briggs Freeman.

I’m getting very impressed with Dallas City Center and how rapidly they have grown since April when most of these folks were Keller Williams City Center. We are talking light years, with more exciting news, I hear, to come…

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